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The Door to Choice and Opportunities.


Doors always represent choice. Simple question. 


Do I stay outside or go inside? 

Inside there may be beautiful memories like when I stepped inside my Grancha and Grandmas’ garden door to find the wondrousness of dusty half-filled jam jars, terracotta plant pots, spades, trowels, forks and the laying of a seed that told me gardening in my adult years would be a treasure experience. And best of all in that little garden room? A shaft of sunlight coming through a broken slate which was filled with light dancing faeries either come from the sky or were already inside and welcomed the warmth and gentle touch of sunshine when it visited their little home. It was only dust, but then, that’s imagination for you.

Inside, however, there may be a wicked, dark mind equivalent where the space is filled with fetid forgotten’s or rotten remembrances. Why on earth did I go inside? I could meet……Good or Bad.


Do I notice it has a lock? Simple choice. Smash the lock or find the key. Locks are barriers. They can be hammered down. Keys are thoughts for cautionary ongoing enquiries. So! Do I simply hammer smash the lock and kick open the door only to find disappointment in a room filled with too much to look at and unhoped for’s. Of course I’ve smashed down that door now and those failures can easily get out, tap me on the shoulder and remind me, haunt me, whilst continually having a snigger to themselves. Then, by looking a little further and seeking alternatives, realise that a simple bolt exists too. Bolts are final barrier choice and gung-ho bravado. Behind that door lay my ambition.

I do indeed find the key and can now gently open or look a little further. Peek a boo inside and realise reality. That the final simple slide of the bolt choice of bravado actually allows me to seek anyway. Even though it’s still a struggle because the door, now unbolted, is old, unused for a long time and creaks and complains. But at least I can try to push a little more. And I try with both gentle intervention and strong determination. And with both hands, firmer shoulder push and finally full body weight. It’s ajar. I can now, from peep curiosity, expand to eyes open fully and look full on. Go even further within, assess what is inside and either enter to interesting contents with a joyful heart or back out and lock it once again because the shadows and guttural hum of false energies scare me. Smash the locks or seek the key? 


And why are you reading this? I provided the key with the photograph and you decided to look further. Do you now stay and comment or go with disappointment. Do you envisage your own positively good or negatively bad choices and decisions? 

Do you have your own door? 

To me this photograph I took was initially only a door. If it were my first photograph it would be the equivalent of a lovely treasure like the first time I saw a print appear in the tray and thoughts of ‘I did this….I did this!!!’

Now? It is a simple photograph of a door. A black and white photograph to simply attach to my reflective thoughts. And so I have. Reminisce on those successful choices. Squint and furrow the brow at those that were not so. But great learning curves looking at them now with hindsight.

Why did you look? Was it curiosity in imagery of a closed door? Would there be another photograph to show what lay behind?

Whatever it was, at least you made a choice and didn’t simply ignore. So thank you for taking the time.