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Naive beginnings.

A 5 minute exercise to write fill the spaces. Freedom in lettering shape change. Written with the Swan Mable Todd fountain pen. Manufactured around the early 1930s.
Writing and words by Gray Summers.

Another fine find. Below are some examples from ‘Pen and Print: The Legacy of Edward Johnston. 1906 – 2006. There is much to seek in letters to words to sentences displayed as art form. In seeking to work out what is being presented. To hunt down the thoughtfulness applied to taking an individual letter of the alphabet outside the normality of it’s base to where it belongs linguistically. 

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Many languages have shapes far different to the various, but obvious, English display of A to Z. If a poem is written down in English, and the letters displayed are challenging and awkward to decipher, then the words written down in the poem itself could also be of an awkward and challenging nature. Below: ‘Supernatural Songs XII: Meru’ from the collection ‘A Full Moon in March’ (1935) by W. B. Yeats.

Also the playful/whimsical lettering displaying visual whimsy (quaint, amusing) that shape shifts around the page and teases and prods the spaces in between the flow of letters to words. Juxtaposition of the same writing style/word stories linked in idyllic fashion. A single letter displaying oddity in shape, whilst the presented lines of poetry show oddity and bizarre storytelling is rather a nice thoughtful pastime to try out. Rather akin to the sound of your voice reading out loud the story dynamics. Or where shapes and expression of words from the accents or dialects of different British areas can change the nuance or dynamics of stories told. The same poem read by half a dozen different people from different areas can challenge Universal understanding. 

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And so the story goes. To where? No one knows. Borne from? Well! From self promises. Not worn out wishes.

So. It feels exciting still to simply pick up a fountain pen or dip nib with some glorious ink choice and let the whole story naively flow and grow to who knows where. Just have fun. Mindfulness is a whisker kissker away in such activity.

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