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Back to the Garden.

When the weather changed for the better, it was a relief to have finished decorating the dining room. Last year was a massive clear out of nature’s garden debris in the form of a jungle of brambles, ivy, weeds a plenty and rocks, large stones and slate. Spring this year saw it starting to come back and timing to keep it all in check was very important. Also. The house insides had a massive influx of clear out. It took days, then weeks and then realised months on end of this first retirement year to get so much done. Get drabness from the house and create a brighter ambience.

These back breaking events of last year with both house and garden needed so much attention at the time and I did not want it all to go to waste. A dehumidifier out in the back space, where the back walls of the room hold back the garden, controlled any damp issues. That room is now dry and comfortable. 

After decorating many rooms and stripping doors, staircase, floors and skirting boards back to wood? The big concern was ‘get back to the garden’. When Spring arrives…the greenery resurfaces with intent. Mother Nature, whilst beautiful, can also be unforgiving. Bramble shoots poked their heads out the soil again, ready to send tendrils of inch lengths with intentional yard lengths like athlete runners on the starting line. Before days had passed? A greenery carpet of sticky elongated Cleavers arose en masse. 

So it was a welcome relief to have all but finished dining room decorating and go back out into fresh air and gardening intentions.

Motivation and where to start. Self motivation when you are alone and in your own company for days upon days on end is vital. My wife has her own Wholefood Shop business and it takes full on application of her time. Back to ‘Where to find Motivation?’ Words were indeed found, as seen in this Earth Pathways Journal photograph above re: Birch Tree. The first tree illustration in the journal. 

“Write any revelations that come to you and set intentions for your way forward”. 

Now the fun began concerning revisiting last year’s cleared earth. A brief visit to the garden on the first morning of intent and to soak in some thoughts began to take hold and proffered much from the empty of projects in the walled enclosed surroundings. To seek inspiration for an overall ambience that would hopefully result in success. Albeit with a bit of hard work. And luck. And decent weather. And an aching old Summers framework of a body holding it’s own. 

The two, very tall, beautiful Silver Birches in our garden shall be the Ogham inspiration for the “Changes my heart is longing for” as per information in the Tree Journal here. Also. Links to the Ogham alphabet and specifically, the Silver Birch.



All it needed was some open sky, some solid earth, a wooden design or two, an ‘areas planned’ project or two, plants/shrubs and other green stuff too.

And so….Sitting area? Tick.

Tap photographs to enlarge.

Oil tank hiding? Tock.

Tap on individual photographs to enlarge.

Make a rustic gate? Tick.

Tap on the photographs to enlarge.

Clear the small patio area and repoint the slabs? Reposition and Repoint the top wall slates.? Tock.

Tap photographs to enlarge.

Get the steps up to the upper garden redone and slate chippings down? Tick.

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Pot a few plants, shrubs, herbs in various containers? Tock.

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Make a Dead Hedge and clear the compost area a bit more? Tick. 

Still a fair few more interventions to get going. So…..Awaiting ‘Tock’.