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Think about yourself. Look kindly upon yourself. Pick up a pen and some paper. Then write what you found……….down.

When a Staff Nurse, great emphasis was placed on the application of ’Reflection’. It was written about with various theoretical applications paramount. Reflection before/in/on/beyond actions.

The art of ‘Reflection’ became Claustrophobic. It became Tedious. It was Not Private. It was Judged by a hierarchy of others who analysed your every word.. It became a written format of words to either big yourself up. Or. Beat yourself down. It was an invasion on your innermost fears and weaknesses. An invasion and insight into your ego.

Yet, I am comfortable with self reflections in one’s own Private Journals. They are both acceptable and essential.

Having looked recently at how men have been coping over the last two years. Also in the past, as a nurse, having written essays on men’s biological, psychological and social dilemmas and fears in health matters. It became vital for me to seek how men cope/coped in retirement too. Men have a habit of not expressing emotions at times. Yet. Answers are found from questions. If no one asks these questions of your well being, and sometimes, not many can in these recent separation times…..then let ink on paper speak to you.

And let yourself focus, reply, give yourself the answers, reflect and then think in a more free fashion in order to make sense of how you are feeling. When I have written down words it becomes easier to exchange those words with others that matter. Expressing your fears and hoped for’s by writing words on paper allows the spoken conversational exchanges to become easier. Speaking out confidently and confidentially to those who are close seems easier.

Why? Because you have taken the first step to inner analyses by writing it all down.

I love being a ‘Guy that Journals’.

I wrote these lyrics when I was 23. Sometimes it’s good to listen to your wiser younger self!

Blurred image.
With no direction.
It’s like looking in a mirror
With no reflection.

But when you’re down
You’ve gotta get up
And when you’re up
Stay around

And when you’re trapped
Then you’ve gotta break free.
How can you call yourself your friend
When there’s a million reasons

Why you disagree.

Hey Man.
I’ve been watching you.
But have you been watching me?

Some ideas.
An example of projects sought in the literature: