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Calligraphy Books…that are of a different approach.

Calligraphy continued. The last blog was concerning three fountain pens with interchangeable nibs. Italic with links to the art of Calligraphy lettering/writing.  Below are a few photos from the blog. Please tap on photos to enlarge. Or link here:


A friend sent an email with a photograph of the Arthur Baker Calligraphy book seen in a local charity shop. I was dropping in to town to take my wife to work and so, dropped into said charity shop. Having bought the Ludus Scribendi book by Hans-Joachim Burgert (around Christmas time) in the same charity shop too, there is now a massive interest, for myself, in those writers that use lettering as their own art form. Away from the old recognised centuries old script disciplines that show you how to practice rote fashion.  

The idea had been bubbling away for decades regarding lettering as a way of expression artistically. And Hans-Joachim Burgert is one that really inspired. 

And now? Thanks to my friend’s email (Cheers Ianto) stating, alongside a photograph of the book’s spine, ‘saw this and thought of you’…..I now have the Arthur Baker book too. Also, other’s work from today too. On the shelf we’re a number of standard books of same, same, same Calligraphy lettering. There were others, four of interest, alongside the Arthur Baker. The Osmiroid book of ideas looks interesting. Ideas where and how to use script. Especially as I have most of their nibs. Patricia Carter’s ‘Illuminated Calligraphy’ with inclusions of designs, borders, banners, rope work, etc. from nature sources to enhance the letters/words written. Also a modern Calligraphy and Hand lettering book. Seems full examples of how to self express with flourish. 

Above lettering by Arthur Baker. Please tap images to enlarge.

Fountain pens are constant ink flow. Using dip nibs too is an option as a fair number exist in a charity shop found collection, now in my possession, that I can ‘dip’ into and use. But depth of ink is variable.  

Writing? Simply put, I don’t want to follow a discipline. But finding and settling into an inspirational philosophy borne from freedom in expression is still awaiting the lightbulb moment. 

It is to be supposed that where the ink flows and develops prose. What follows? Inspiration grows.