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Pens with no name? Can’t have that! Here’s ‘Silver Slim’.

Sit and write.

Mindful exercise. Relaxation ensues. Therapy at its best. 

Write too to keep the fountain pen living by being active and flowing. 

Write some of one’s own words and lyrics down. Add another’s poetical words too.

It helps to keep the brain going. They say Meditation (Mindfulness is meditation) may well keep the brain’s grey cell matter alive as you get to older age. I may have saved a few tonight then. Less stress. More brain power! Be nice to think that is the case. 

Anyways. Some fountain pens are little faves. They are simply chosen because they are always consistent. Some are vintage. Some newer. Some cheap. Some more expensive. Colours? I’ve noticed that my favourite 15 pens are black or metal silver. Only one begs to differ. The Kaweko Brass Sport. 

Please tap on individual photographs above to enlarge.

Tonight I chose a pen I often gravitate to. No maker’s name exists. It’s one of those ‘Dollar Trilogy’ pens as I think of them. Akin to Clint Eastwood’s ‘The Man with No Name’.  ‘The Pen with No Name’. They don’t cost a ‘Fist Full of Dollars’ and never ‘A Few Dollars More’. May be thought of as either ‘The Good, the Bad or the Ugly’ I suppose. 

Silver Slim? The Good. Never Bad or Ugly. No hefty price. Cheap as chips actually. Came in a 14 pen job lot bought for about £14, which equally divided up makes her cost at about a £1. She has a German Iridium point/Broad italic nib. The cap clicks on firmly. And posts on to the barrel with a nice ‘click’ too…..and there it also stays firmly whilst writing. Balances beautifully. Fills nicely with two or three plunger suction actions in the ink pot. 

Above are some words written with Sheaffer black ink. Written on heavy duty wall ‘lining’ paper. Some little crawling seen. But the paper is absorbent. Not like blotting paper, but still has a slightly ‘soak into the sheet’ like quality. No glue coating like the Khadi hand made papers. Khadi cotton papers are ‘internal sized’ (glue added in the mix). And then also ‘tub sized’ (added again to the sheet’s surface). This Khadi method allows ink to sit on the surface. Ink takes longer to dry though. 

I do have plenty of Khadi paper. But because of it’s cost I tend to ‘muck about writing wise’ with this lining paper. 

These ‘Blurred images, with no direction’ words are from a song lyric I wrote when young. It’s about finding yourself, your purpose and believing in yourself too. Your inner self looking at your outer self performing badly on life’s Worldwide stage. Telling you to simply get a grip.

The ‘Broken Spirit….Soul in the Wilderness’ thought is one where I was feeling low. Covid symptoms aftermath of insomnia, fatigue and sleep deprivation feel like you’re left grasping at straws.

I always wondered too what it would be like to meet your actual self sometime in your future lifetime. This was after I met my Doppelgänger. He was a drummer and myself a Bass player. I often wondered when people asked how a particular gig went when I hadn’t actually played the venue mentioned. Then I met him in my high street. We both simply stopped, looked at each other shocked and carried on past each other. No words exchanged. I found out that he lived a few small towns away. Never saw or met him again. Good looking bloke if I say so myself!