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Getting prepared for new uploads.

Since WordPress site updates? Both to premium and with input to improve the site from my son’s partner. Thank you Holly Goodger Jansen. Had a few visits from unexpected sources. Hashtag descriptors added are vital.

Next up is getting confidence to record voice, possibly face (but doubt that one) and speak on vintage pens, aromatherapy, guitar playing or photography.

Thing is! From Staff Nurse training and all interests before ? Analysed and prepared. So……..this writing here are thoughts and planning to get ready a script. Also. Need an identifiable and unique constant/every time intro to start up every upload.

Oh! And also this morning I have moved a load of logs to the log store, emptied some pots ready for planting, emptied and reloaded the dishwasher and generally tidied up. So I’m not just sitting on my proverbial playing at life. Rain over the last few weeks, well month, has diminished now. Ain’t the sunshine a beautiful gift?

Thoughts through nibs!