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Reflections as we grow older.

Need to buy this book? Yup!

Whitehouse and Mortimer? Gone Fishing. Watched this lovely series since first episode. Loved each and every one. Sit, relax and simply chuckle. Love the word chuckle. 

Recently. I watched the past two years’ Gone Fishing Christmas special episodes. The first one? A Christmas programme rewatch is a pleasure you don’t often find. The second one? As great a watch. A smile on your face, a laugh out loud and a lump in your throat all in the space of watching these sublime programmes. Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer tell me, through their genius humour, that myself at 65 years old is still actually ok. They echo my own thinking about how we view advancing age and the frailty that impacts upon us all. And! Yes… we are relevant still. It’s ok to be an older crabby everything wrong yet oh so right, a hung up but wondering why ‘losing what once was’ involves my skin sagging, what people believe you think is soul destroying hair loss and bones and muscles and knees not playing ball anymore. Losing that youthful fitter version of my former self? Even in my 40’s it was a heavenly get up and able to really ‘go’ experience. It’s Nursing that tore at the framework of my well being. Not kidding. It saps you’re life’s energies. 

However. If you have a lifelong confidence. You win. As Bob and Paul speak of feeling  comfortable, yet still concerned regarding health matters, in their years. So, I reflect similarly. 

All this humour involved despite their heart problems. Surgery involved too. Priceless. And, as I’ve also felt for a few years now, I actually don’t give a second thought glance because I’ve lived a life I’m very happy with. 

I’m a son, brother, husband, father, grancha (grandad), musician, potter, photographer, artist, until now……a staff nurse/now retired staff nurse (a terrible and very stressful job at times, but interesting beyond belief!) and hopeful blogger, gardener and trained aromatherapist. Currently? Awaiting one year down the line officially Government pension money receiver. Wow! A pensioner. Another name on the ’Who am I?’ list. Mind you. I am too naive to psychoanalyse the concepts of id, ego and super-ego. I wrote a naively written blog about ‘identity’ in the views of Buddhist nature once. Do we know who/what we actually are? 

Listened to Marmalade and ’Reflections of my Life’ on YouTube this morning. Although a bleak outlook. Not without a ‘little’ hope in those lyrics.

My wonderful what is in this smaller ‘life lived so far and now to plan a smaller time here on this planet’ future aim. Just a bit more ambitious creation. In reality? I want a small mixed wild flower area, nurture the various apple, damson, magnolia and two silver birch trees, grow herbs and small vegetables in a raised bed, and have little garden sitting areas looking at the field, deciduous wood of beautiful trees, the stretching hillside up to Bedd Taliesin’s grave; and also sit towards the views of the sea at Borth and the Aberdovey bay. 

All this with an end of day sit with a whiskey whilst looking at universal stars, reading a decent book and listening to amazing music. Alongside playing guitar, banging out a few rhythms on my djembe, cooking up a decent meal. Essentially…..My beautiful VeeDub comforts with basic realisations. Most important?…….being alongside Angie and her unique loveliness. And when this Covid thing gets shafted to oblivion. All our family and friends back on track. Cue beach party whilst dancing under the sun, moon and stars with a wild burning log fire blazing. Sparks rising in the dark and laughter floating in the breeze quiet hushed tones. That is a scenario to die for. 

So. Back to Bob and Paul….Thank you for fishing for life’s answers Paul and Bob. The simple laughs and p*ss takes about yourselves equate as the simple pleasures that make life worthwhile.

As Paul and Bob say ‘You‘re very lucky to be here’ Ain’t that the truth.