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When I was a ‘dream seeking’ musician.

When I wrote this song I initially wrote it, in my mind’s expectation and vision, with a Northern Soul vibe. But it went into jolly land with the band. Now I can’t unhear this version to give me back my initial mind’s vision. It was, in it’s infancy, a version that had a tricky syncopation intermingled to the overall rhythm and sound.

We released the song after touring with The Specials. They toured the UK promoting their glorious 2nd album. We then played a couple of dates with Madness before starting a tour with The Selector. Trouble is. The band’s dynamics re: individuals getting along was skewed and we just split. I decided to make ceramics and became a potter……as you do!

Influences in music attributed to my songwriting came from an eclectic interest of all sorts. The influences at that 45 single and Team 23 time musically? Had albums at the time of Stax, Atlantic and Tamla Motown soul. Also, loved Northern Soul songs and had bought a bunch of 45 rpm ex jukebox Northern Soul songs from a charity shop in Hillfields, Coventry. Writing ‘Move into the Rhythm’ ? I wanted a Spencer Wiggins ‘Soul City USA’ vibe. I was a bit shocked at the eBay price!

If you don’t capture and record and shove down ideas and ideals to what you write. It disappears. Writing songs is like catching smoke or shadows sometimes.

Same as writing blogs. 😊