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The Den Space. Drumming Space. A haven for Well-Being.

My morning space and subsequent learning curves. 

From  current revisited Vision Quest reading. Listen to your rhythmic inner drum. And play it’s beat to work alongside your inner rhythm or also alter that rhythm for better purpose. Your inherent life’s current heartbeat? Drum alongside the push of blood throughout your system. It’s a wonderful connection. Remember. Your pulse recognises the turmoil or content that exists in your life. Drum and change it’s pattern. I have just drummed as a new way of experiencing state of mind…..and slowed down considerably. I bought a metronome from a charity shop and hardly use it. But this morning I grabbed it as a consideration to record on video some Djembe beats. The metronome offered a stable back beat tick tock. I found if you pull out the metal ‘stop’ mechanism bit by bit…..a bell comes in with different introductory timings. Cool! Inherently I can play beats. However I am no drummer with enough about my abilities to teach rhythm skills. But I want to show how it can possibly assist bringing calmness. Especially to myself. So a video seems a good medium.

Hey! I’m not ‘Out There!’. Not having drumming video after video. Just an example of holistic thinking. Music recognised as therapy. Also with drum rhythm it is speaking to our basics. Because heart beat rhythm is consistent in our lives and it’s rhythm is important. That’s why music matters to the mood. And why dementia can hark back to music as a consistent inherent. Doesn’t heal. But enhances quality to that precious moment or two. It may be possible to obtain a drum yourselves. Doesn’t matter if you deem yourself to have no inherent rhythm. It’s great to simply hit it.

Also. As this, at the time, much anticipated book (author Denise Linn – see photographed spine) arrived a few months ago, alongside I was reading about Shamanism and how drumming patterns provided the means for crossing into other realms. Speaking of other realms? Vision Quest? I will eventually achieve a Vision Quest to obligate inner needs in the future. Lots of thinking about undertaking a basic Vision Quest. Not one of those you ‘book’. It’s not an ambition but simply a personal dream of experiencing this scenario to see if it enlightens. 

Seeking and finding the Aromatherapy course to go on to teaching this beautiful complementary therapy involves learning of a different external separate nature. So, before it happens? Seeking internally to understand commitment is essential. 

I remember actually that when I first opened the book I saw this! The first glance read linked straight away. Not a strange ‘Oh! That sounds good’. It was due to rhythm being part of my life I understood. Guitar mainly. However. Drumming? Inherent in all of us is ancient patterns of movement in dance. Drums equal basic beat for dance. Also tap into brain wave need. Familiarity of deep cultural nature. My djembe sits half way up the stairs ready to be ‘Springtime warmer weather awaiting’ and therefore to be housed safely in the VeeDub bus. Alongside the guitar. I heard the rhythms dance as I photographed the drum. 

The Djembe? It’s one of the therapeutic go to‘s. Drum, guitar, books, camera, essential oils and VeeDub? Oh! Things kind of holistically happen for a reason. Synergy Rocks.