Vintage Pens, Various Inks and Paper.

Collections involve
still collecting.

Therapy inside a fountain pen.
Ink flows fluidly
Words weave.
The stories grow.
Questions start
If I? Could I? Yes! So
Where to now
To settle the heart?

Ink spilled dreams
Drip. Trip. Tumble
On to cotton rag.
No! Humble. Yet
Gracefully explain.
With intent they say
‘Embrace your life
Begin to live….again’.

[one of my naive little poems. just write any positive words down that enter your head. best in fountain pen, lovely deep ink and cotton hand made paper from India for myself. flows and weaves. writing with intentional ‘be kind to yourself’ thoughts? it is guaranteed to make you relax. remember. it all begins with a blank page. because life’s like that].


To talk about the synergy of bought over the years Vintage Fountain Pens, Dip Nib Choices, Inks of various sorts and both individually ’Hand Made’ rough and seeking softer journal bound papers.

Brandauer: Clan Glengarry.

Fude Nib La Comtoise #1. Inoxydable. A stainless steel made in France 1960s dip nib
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