Nocturnal visions from the inside to the outside. Deliberate. And then settle on which to read……of the two.

I thought of past and future. I thought of then and now. I thought of inside and outside. I thought of excitement and toleration. I thought of Yes and No. I thought of choose or refuse. I thought of stuck or continue. I thought of the questions and answers.

Sometimes I think I believe that I am beyond all that. Sometimes I think I believe I have nothing to say. Sometimes I’m high. Sometimes low. I think I know. But realise I don’t know. Then? I thought of who, what, when, why, which, and, the oddity, how. I thought of many things and yet none of those things. I thought of the questions I couldn’t find the answers to. So I thought that there were answers to be found. So I photographed the window reflections of inside and outside. From room to room and up the stairs. And yet they provided no answers or questions.

So then you enter a single room which makes sense of your life.

Sometimes you bite the bullet and enter the fray. Sometimes you seize the opportunity to relax and enjoy the time of day. You enter the room and have something to say.

Now? Which book to choose. Whichever. You have nothing to lose.