‘Retired Nurse, New Life and a VeeDub Bus’

Yns Las

And so the story goes. To where? No one knows.

Borne from? Well! Out of self promises. Not worn out wishes.

So……this site involves a Volkswagen T2 Crossover Bay Bus called Billie Bud (known to most people as ‘WOW! A camper van).

The Shifting Sands

A Pentax LX SLR camera loaded with Black and White film. I own an old Wetzler Ernst Leitz enlarger and print in a darkroom set up.

Cooking vegetarian food in the VeeDub Billie Bud Bus on basic set up’s. Music, with songs self written to play on my guitar. Some hobbies and interests to explore like calligraphy, reading books, pottery, gardening,
DIY, aromatherapy, etc.

To where? No one knows.

And finally? One to one conversations with others to record regarding Health Matters and Well Being. How have people experienced the past two years and survived the challenging
times involved? I was, well still am officially, a Staff Nurse who is very interested in Complementary Therapies. Retired last July 2021.

The Whisperings

Formats will be blog, photographs, video and podcasts to read, look at, watch or listen to.
And conversation scenarios? Whilst sitting comfortably and having some tea or coffee and a bite to eat somewhere relaxing outside, lakeside, riverside, countryside, seaside and in the presence of the VeeDub Billie Bud.

So! In conclusion. An exploratory site of various interests in which people can dip in and out of.

The pens…

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