Life goes so fast. Yet time can go so slowly.

What’s in a short hour sitting at Ynyslas Dunes?

The VeeDub Bus parked and the pop top raised. Kettle on. Radio on. Chopin Raindrop Prelude Op. 28 #15 piano piece on Classic FM on said radio. Followed by other gentle music masterpieces listened to too. Nag Champa joss sticks lit and burning and Mindfully shape shifting aromatic smoke gently. Earl Grey tea steaming in a metal mug. Hobnob biscuits….the ones with the chocolate topping not gorged greedily but nibbled thoughtfully. Savoured. Poetry read from the pen of Philip Gross and random others. All from the two anthology books of poetry Staying Alive and Being Alive. View over to Aberdovey landscape on tap. View over the Dunes on tap. Wished for swaying grasses not weather swaying at all as it is calm. So currently now still and resting. The green sanctuary of the inner VeeDub Bus. Writing thoughts with the italic Platignum in green Sheaffer ink on Indian hand made paper. Looking up an old black and white photograph, ‘Light is Portion’, from my old Flickr site for intended new camera work inspiration and to see that it had reached 1.5 thousand views. But only two faves/likes. Humility and humbleness are fine attributes to possess I find.

A short hour passes so very slowly at times. It is very good to know and understand that there are priceless and much needed periods like this. Especially when life seems to sometimes go oh so quickly.

Light is Portion. Life is Portion too.