VeeDub. Creating future ambience.

In order to set up a comfort zone for podcast sitting and chatting. Got to get some Furniture and Fittings ambience by the VeeDub Bus sliding door.

Something different to the picnic type stuff we have already. Nice…… but no way the much needed raggedy vintage bohemian ethnic style it cry’s out for.

What is required is a comfort zone that would have future contributors to the podcast saying “Yes! I would love to sit here and have a chat. Get that kettle on!” Whilst a general park up and chill out with family and friends will be created for a better overall future vibe.

Won’t be difficult to build a bohemian atmosphere. Akin to the way I’ve put together the interior above. Outside? Canopy of cotton ethnic with a certain thrown together style, wood and cotton duck canvas 1970s folding chairs, beaten up drift wood table, jute/sisal large floor mat and scattered cushions, faerie lights if it’s dusk or dark, some drums/guitars, added culinary accessories, etc.

I can envisage it all happening soon. Just got to find and source stuff…..and then create it!

Today? Spent a fair few nice relaxing hours down at Ynyslas Dunes overlooking Aberdovey. It’s a fairly quick drive to get there. Stood on the Dunes to take this quick photograph. Took me back to my black and white film in the camera days. In fact, I took half a dozen with the SLR Pentax LX. Was like riding a bike. You don’t forget how to make it work.

Bit of rain early on. Hence no furniture outside the Dub. But brightened up nicely late afternoon. But I was due to go home. As ever with the VeeDub…..met a few people, who came over for a chat, too. They often smile and are always friendly. Great simply meeting people and listening to their stories.

Black and White photographs of this area here. Took them quite a while back now. Please tap individual photographs to enlarge.

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