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Podcasts and Microphones.

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The ‘And so the story goes. To where? No one knows……..’ podcast project is becoming a compulsive obsession. I am not quite at the Obsessive-Compulsive personality disorder status yet. However the podcast subject matter certainly preoccupies the mind. The need to get going and start the ‘Retired Nurse and a VeeDub Bus’ concept is not stuttering or governed by perfectionism or ‘crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s’. Being used to jumping on stage in front of a decent sized crowd of hundreds in the band days and playing new songs that weren’t quite there is a life learning exercise. A situation in which, if the song was received with enthusiasm, it got future polished around it’s rough edges with an enthusiasm multiplied by that positive receivership. Flexibility has always been on the agenda with my choices and introductions to a new project. The concept adopted was always jump in with both feet and sink or swim. In actuality, if we had enough decent equipment to make enough noise to fill the room space, then we got on stage and played our hearts out.

It is the equipment and expertise in finding the technical set up that is balking to the sense of confidence and ownership in undertaking the podcast task. Simply put? I’m a technophobe. In the band days we had engineers to assist sound production. In fact. Only a decent microphone stands between myself and truly starting. Days of internet searching, reading technical stuff that goes over my head, frustratingly twiddling the thumbs and wondering about ‘what suits what’ are getting tedious. I have looked at YouTube contributors and their quality in voice recordings. Some have me turning up the thin and low quality recordings. I have also read and read again reviews on Amazon, etc and when the negative reviews come up with actual valid criticism imparted? I cross them off the list. Most marry well with laptops and computers. However, I will use the new iPad 5th Generation 2022 model. Frustrating is the knowledge that my first expensive and very effective microphone bought for the first iPad ages ago only fits that old iPad lightening adapter. The ‘App’ MOTIV which the microphone is linked with won’t upload new updates. My old iPad does not have enough Gb space. Has no video editing tool. No Garage band app system. The new iPad is all bells and whistles. But not for a generic microphone! The new USB-C port on my lovely new iPad needs a specific model. Reading microphone reviews, the need for one that can also take on board the musical considerations is really important. 

There are ‘conference’ microphones but not so sensitive. Trouble is, the various technicals in qualities are models that mostly all ‘look exactly the same’ outwardly. Some cost hundreds of pounds. I know here are laptop microphones that cost thousands. But the iPad is my choice. This new USB-C situation is very frustrating. 

The podcast will suddenly just happen. I sense it’s presence. It’s nearly Christmas time and a fascinating time for new ideas. Probably a solo trip initially and excitement in presentation of a new found exciting media love affair. Can’t wait for the first YouTube upload to be realised. Akin to those first amazing feelings back when. First time standing on stage playing live with the band. First time hearing our songs recorded, not in a studio basement with top notch quality recording equipment listening to our self written songs, but a  microphone plugged into a reel to reel four track Akai recording. First time listening on top notch studio equipment too. First time seeing a black and white print appear in the hushed dark room in the developing solution. First time putting up my framed prints of black and white photographs in an exhibition. First time taking photographs of a theatre dance troupe in rehearsal for advertising posters. Then seeing my photographs of nursery rhyme home made scenarios photographed and projected in cinema screen size behind them when dancing on the stage. First time of pulling my pottery/ceramics from my kiln. First time setting up my first craft fair stall or exhibition room with my hand made ceramics. Love ‘first times’.

You have to believe. It’s not being about what John Lennon once sang in ‘Watching the Wheels’. I’m not quite ready to ‘let it go’. First time awaits yet again because the ‘last time’ is not on the agenda yet. 

‘I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round 

I really love to watch them roll 

No longer riding on the merry-go-round 

I just had to let them go’.