My World…….Whirls.

When I wrote this last year it was about 2 months after having caught Covid. Sleeplessness was a bind. However. Retirement helped deal with the situation. If working in my nurse role full time? Dread to think how coping would have been realised. Being retired, siesta daytime needs could be taken if required. Research told me that insomnia was high on the symptom list for Covid aftermath.

I can’t remember which month the nights improved. Currently? It’s early 05.30 and onwards usually when the inner clock calls me into wakey wakey land time wise. If a full on busy day occurs? An hour’s ‘anytime during daytime’ napping occurs. This pattern of sleep is probably from a symptom called older age. It was interesting reading this old blog and it’s obvious manic status, bravado in the face of futility and writing a bunch of nonsense to provide self humour to cope.

After reading this blog again (today a blogger ‘liked’ it and I’d forgotten what it was about) there was the feeling of ‘thank heavens insomnia seems to have been kicked into touch’.

I believe I did write about insomnia a few times around that period. I won’t look at all. Don’t want to tread the ‘pathway of suggestion’ and suggestive experience it all again.

Gray Summers

The middle of the night and eyes snap wide open. And after only a few hours sleep. Strange days indeed. Well. Nights! Frustration initially borne in the psyche. Reflecting? 03.30. Not again! It will be a non welcome nap mid afternoon now. Always is. Because?…….well it just ‘always is’. Post Covid impaction on well being is quite profound. When will it end? This persistent constant destination arrival of 03.30 in your journey from sleeping to waking.

Downstairs. In gentle light. The mind settles down. But still the thoughts begin. To tumble in.

‘Chitter. Chatter. Needful to rid Mind Folly. So Mindfully Breathe in. Breathe out. Deeply. Serenely. Here and now, middle of night, there must begin the essential enhancement for the day ahead. The day ahead requires a …….Settled Nature. So. Focus. Choose a pen. The Cross? Nope. “Not quite write”. Oh! Some humour. Smile. Taranis? Yes. Waver. Peruse…..nod. Definitely……Yes!…

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