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General thoughts as they arise.

What is Djembe?

ID. The part of the mind in which innate instinctive impulses and primary processes are manifest.

Drumming brings? Circles………..Repetitive pattern.

Sometimes. But eventually……

Spirals…..Onwards……..Outwards…….to Strange Thinking Experiences.

As akin to writing with the Fountain Pen. Words appear out of nowhere.

The Drum allows the same. Serious application or chosen nonsense. Beating rhythms in time, swerving out of time, more patterns slot on to insistent beats, circle expansion, weave in and then leave again. It spills from out of your brain, In to, then Out of your mouth. Oftentimes with a ditty tune attached. Very rarely without a self made up ditty nonsense tune attached. Why? Because life is not a song. It is a song waiting to happen.

As said… may be nonsense. But it is your own nonsense nonetheless. You can do what you want with it. Take it wherever it wants, or needs, to go. Like words from a pen’s nib. Long or short sentences. Long or short drum patterns.

Chose the Metronome

To play out the rhythm of time.

Slowed the click-clock Metro-beat

To tick-tock seconds down.

Added a Mantra rhyme.

Concentrate. Slow Down.

Create Rhythmic soup.

Three ingredients meet

And each greet

Each other

Spiral’s loop

The circle’s loop.

The bass sound

Hits Abdominal Deep

Lies underground.

Boom boom

Providing roots.

Pulsation beat.

Mid sound swirls. Synergy.

In symphony.

That sings with Angels

Swirls in and out the harmony

And Tastes?

Like honey.

The rim slap shock

Not the bitterest pill.

Layers laid down become

Life’s playful times.

Chitter chatter fun laughter


A thrill.

Metro to Djembe to Heartbeat

To tick tock exist

In spontaneity and gaiety

On this little old planet

Where time isn’t infinite.

It twists.

Life beats it’s rhythm.

And so do I.

“You do?”

“Yes. Metro gnome of wisdom.

I do.

You haven’t got a clue”.

Slap a drum skin life story

As the thumb

Taps the rim

With Metro-gnome seconds


Don’t chase. Mind says,


Tick tock. Click clack

Keep the pace on song

Stay close,

Not ahead, not back or

You will be Forever…..Gone.

Brain can’t help but create

A melody

Knows life’s not a song.

Not a wait and see

Nope! Not happening.

So simply sing.

Let it belong.

The Tune?

It’s deep within.

When you see it.

You’ll know it.

It’s a soul mate. It’s life.

Then, and only then,

You let it in.

Light bulb? Nah!

Still not alive.

Nothing there?

Then bring sing a lyric

From years ago

To this beat invented today.

Weave old words

Add them, let them expand.

Slowly introducing

New word-friends

To drum’s melodic sway.

“It’s rhythmic”

State your hands.

“Inter or Intra play.”

Yes! I understand.

Play to word chaos or

Word calm

Soft push or slap the hands

Alongside the drama of

Pushy words, insistent, persistent

Arm or disarm.

And so the drum’s story goes

To where no one knows.

Tick tock ticking

Click clack clicking

Forever measuring

The forever laid down beats

Besides lyrical tuneful pleasure

Inwards, on a journey

Towards the mind-chest.

To imbed. To revisit.

Beat treat treasures.

Is there a Djembe Love Gene?