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Mindfulness is simplicity.

Reading ‘Illusions’ by Richard Bach again. I thought I may write out his handwritten introduction chapter in the book as a therapeutic exercise. Currently today have reached reading most of the typewritten prose that starts in the second chapter. It’s a beautiful book and the handwritten opening chapter prepares for the ongoing story. But is also a stand alone delivered message simply on it’s own.

Okay……right. Got a bunch of paper and various journals or new stationery book choices…….begin to write. But they’re in the VeeDub! Then the difficulties in choices start. Which pen? Got five here available. Others are in the VeeDub. Which one of the five? Depends on which paper? Because pens work differently on the paper choice. So…Paper? Again, decent stuff in the VeeDub ready for tomorrow. Got some old wallpaper or cheap 99p grid stuff from one of those bargain shops. Opened up the wallpaper tied bundle and looked at the nonsense written. Which Journal then? Upstairs I have a Moleskine ‘favourite books’ journal. Could use some back blank page ‘notes’ opportunities inside that! Or maybe stand alone separate sheets and shufty them inside the journal later? Can I be bothered to find it out? Nah! Ink choice? Most bottles are housed outside in the VeeDub ready to go outdoor writing tomorrow. Along with pens and paper. And journals. Got these 5 pens here and which work best on the old wallpaper? Or cheap paper. Style of presentation? Then I thought, Man! This is supposed to be relaxing! What’s this over cyclic thinking all about? I’ll write the Richard Bach’s own handwritten introduction another day when more relaxed. 

From ’Illusions. The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah’. Richard Bach.

So I picked out the one pen I tend to mostly pick out. The Montblanc #34 oblique nib. Chose a piece of grid paper I hardly ever use at all. And wrote a bunch of garbage. But was it garbage? Well yes. It was. However. Random thought and just any old words are extremely therapeutic at times. No self analysis or meaningful expressions. No Richard Bach insightful words copied out and then to reflect on and make the mind tick tock later in monkey chatter. Just any old words following more any old words. One after the other. Intentions, illusions, rubbish and observations. But nothing concrete to lay your hat on. Fleeting thoughts here today and gone tomorrow in nature. 

Which Way to……….. ? and by the way…..Hello Bach!

I enjoyed those 10 minutes in beautiful gentle Edison warm glow lightbulb ambience and the tick tick tock of the big old clock on the wall like a metronome beating out a rhythm to the writing speed. Time spent with a very decent fountain pen, trustworthy Parker Quink ink and cheap as chips paper. All adding up to a synergy involving an artefact of timeless quality (pen), wisdom that this product is usually very consistent (ink) and a perceived poor relation to this party that actually rose to a pretty great behavioural nature and fully suited the occasion (paper). And me to bring the whole thing together with the ability to spend 10 minutes of gentle time actually slowly preparatory mucking about and then writing. Nonsense content wise, but writing nonetheless. Result? Synergy resulting in a Mindfulness experience. 

Mindfulness is clever meditation because it is so simple and yet so useful for it’s calming influence in the period just before settling down for the night and seeking elusive ’Sleep’. Also. Given this opportunity to write out some spiritual considerations of Richard Bach’s. I’ve just written this baloney for a quick blog. So dynamically I’m back to square one! 

Or am I?

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One of the many inspirational thoughts from Illusions. Richard Bach.