My Girls.

I was recently thinking about family values. In times of Covid when isolation took many tolls on many families. Should I write something of it’s importance to upload? My Home Statistics page shows that a visitor to my site has recently accessed this ‘My Girls’ story. Written way back in the early days of being here on WordPress. After years, I was curious of it’s inherent wording. Knew what it was about. So I looked and re-read to seek full understanding of how my stories presented in those early days. Cathartic is a word I use often when describing why journal and blog writing is important for myself. It made me realise that some stories, in their isolation, are enough to talk about considered subject choice. This one? Tells me everything I need to realise my views on family.

Gray Summers


My Girls? I have my boys too. Later I’ll write a blog. So when I write that future blog……all will be equal in love and family. The above photograph was taken a few years ago now. Not a great focus. But how on earth do you use a camera phone? But it captures perfectly the mood. The time it was taken? At a time when my daughter and granddaughter came to stay with us in Wales to re-evaluate life after horrendous experiences and turmoil and get back on their feet. They stayed for quite a few months. It was a breath of fresh air them staying. It was also difficult too with talking through the emotional conversational content of finding answers to seemingly impossible tasks in getting things sorted. They moved back to Worcester after we all made a massive effort to get them back there with solid foundations. A…

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