Conversation with a dried flower……..

Conversation with a dried flower embedded in hand made paper.  Monday 17th January 2022 started the Aromatherapy course. Will spend two days a week in this new project. Interestingly, it states an aromatherapist brings ‘a unique approach to the practice’ of this wonderful art. I love that it considers the medium as ‘art’. Alongside, I shall bring my training... Continue Reading →

Reflections as we grow older.

Need to buy this book? Yup! Whitehouse and Mortimer? Gone Fishing. Watched this lovely series since first episode. Loved each and every one. Sit, relax and simply chuckle. Love the word chuckle.  Recently. I watched the past two years’ Gone Fishing Christmas special episodes. The first one? A Christmas programme rewatch is a pleasure you... Continue Reading →

Aromatherapy Course is now finally to begin.

Essential oils. From next Monday, 17th January, the learning starts again. So. Will have to keep Staff Nurse status and register in March in order to keep ‘a peg to hang the hat on’ for ‘professional’ considerations in Complementary Therapy using the medium of Aromatherapy and it’s holistic values. The Staff Nurse training and also... Continue Reading →

Getting prepared for new uploads.

Since WordPress site updates? Both to premium and with input to improve the site from my son’s partner. Thank you Holly Goodger Jansen. Had a few visits from unexpected sources. Hashtag descriptors added are vital.Next up is getting confidence to record voice, possibly face (but doubt that one) and speak on vintage pens, aromatherapy, guitar... Continue Reading →

Nearly there.

Today 12th August 2018. Have been on my forum today and catching up historically. Hadn’t realised, but I bought my bus back in 2009. How time flies. Which means I traveled around in her daily for 5 years before I swallowed my disappointment and SORNED the old girl. I had a feeling, because the... Continue Reading →

Billie Bud:Fourth Stage.

  Hi again. Really pleased to be putting up this update. Photographs have arrived by email from Paul. Paul, if you’ve not read previous posts, is the guy renovating my bus. Very much a perfectionist it has been a pleasure to watch transformation. Taken a while this renovation. But it’s a classic and deserves respect.... Continue Reading →

Billie Third Stage.

And so......the last photos received were these. What has happened has been that Paul, the renovation wizard, has been changing workshops. He has a bigger, brighter palace to work in now. Better for the soul I should imagine. I actually haven’t seen some of these later stages in the flesh, so to speak. Just the... Continue Reading →

Billie again. Next stages.

The next stage........or Part 2. I began buying all the metalwork needed to replace the rotten stuff. When the belly pans were off it spooked. Belly pans cover the underneath and protect the framework from the stuff that comes off road and field and sand. It’s the sheets below with the ** shapes. also... Continue Reading →


Vintage rocks! Tippy tappy old skool typewriter. Old remembered schooldays A to Zee rubber stamps, next to wet ink pads full of muted earthy coloured to be delivered, albeit awry, onto handmade Indian papers. Whilst writing with beautiful choices of 1900’s nibs in wonderful varieties and choices. Then placed lovingly into tactile wooden holders. Which... Continue Reading →

De-clutter the house and find?

De-Clutter? Always memories found in the oddest of places and hidden/forgotten corners. Resulting in choices of get rid of or....too sentimental and a precious inclusion of life’s memories. So untouchable. Of course, this plaque has always been in sight. Unlike the multiple treasures found from the attic/loft, under the stairs spaces, cupboards with their doors... Continue Reading →

Mindful Doodles in Oodles.

Mindfully doodling little word thoughts on my strange little photograph. When the photographs reveal themselves on the little 35 mm negatives then on to paper you sometimes wonder ‘What? Where? When?’ This is one of those. Can’t remember where this was. But you always try to think of a name or title for any of... Continue Reading →

The Gift.

Sometimes? Life is a stressful, hectic and draining affair. The introduction into your life of a beautiful Mohawk River Valley, New York inherent, born from Earth’s generosity, is a priceless gift. A symbol that gives the equivalent story linked to stardust entering your soul. The gift has a gentle existence which involves promoting a source... Continue Reading →


Hi all you wonderful people. Hope you’re all happy on this fine and beautiful day. Put one of my black and white photographs on my blog yesterday. It got me thinking again, properly, why I indeed actually added words to certain of my photographs. I knew in a rational way. It simply helped link to... Continue Reading →


What do essential oils mean to Gray Summers? Aromatherapy is both Sister Sun. And the Tin Moon. And the ability to create limbic memories as opposed to episodic memories. It’s seeing Moonbeams as the Midnight Sun. It’s catching Shadows and Smoke. And holding each One. Oils Connect. Are........Connecting………..Aromatherapy is individualism. The Strength of Each One.... Continue Reading →

New Nurse role on the Horizon?

I’m seriously thinking of starting a Podcast/Wordpress marriage blog endeavour sometime next year. Calling it ‘Nurse in a VeeDub Bus’ or ‘Nursing from a VeeDub Bus’. It will involve my local West Coast Mid Wales surroundings initially and then maybe move a little further afield to other Welsh locations. Meeting up and talking with people.... Continue Reading →

Synergy and Holism.

In short? After the year we have all had and all it’s problematics, it has seriously challenged my role as a Health Professional. Some of you may think ‘Oh! Here he goes again!’. But, I don’t believe I’m doing my full potential. I don’t feel I’ve made or making a difference nowadays. And...I live in... Continue Reading →

Apples. Press. Cider?

Right! A blog. A first really. I typed a bit on Facebook after a couple of strong bottles of local cider. Drank a third and got all…..this subject of cider? Very much deserves a blog. So. Here I am typing stuff. Not sure of what is to develop here. So Cut and Paste the Facebook... Continue Reading →

Walt Whitman. Genius.

Studying the work of Walt Whitman has been on the periphery of my intentions for many a decade. A fair few months ago I was perusing ‘Breaking Bad’ (BB) because I was mesmerised when watching the series on Netflix. So, when seeking in Google land investigations re: BB… Walt Whitman’s name came up as part... Continue Reading →

Time for deliberating. Time for delivering.

  Short Blog......thinking in the ‘now at this beautiful happy in retirement moment’ or ‘oh questions are still which aims to achieve?’ and like Alice in Wonderland, everything is getting Curiouser and Curiouser. I now have a comfortable, yet still very much reflective, infancy of new found life. So.......I’ll leave it in the hands of the... Continue Reading →

Cloud Atlas. Iconic Book/Film

The long established question. Which is better? Book or Film? Invariably, the question exists like this because ‘books’ are made into ‘films’. Are films made into books?  Don’t ever recall one........ever! But, maybe there is one out there. Certainly, stand alone/stand out films written by script writers exist. But my three favourite books of all... Continue Reading →

Optimistically Imaginative to Deep Melancholy.

Concerning? Self seeking ambitions and interests and being quietly independent. You pick up books, vinyl or cassette tapes, a guitar, clay to sculpture, pen and paper, a camera with film, go to college and university with an inquisitive mind, you read sign language and anatomy, physiology and pathology books. Books. There for life. Endless books... Continue Reading →

Facetime, Emails and new promise.

Sometimes I find myself at get together birthday, wedding, works do parties. Trying to listen. Asking for enquiry. Or. Replying to broad spectrum statements from others. With no indication of them having heard. Certainly no confirmation responses. Maybe a nod, a shrug or a turning of the head to look elsewhere. Maybe my low voice... Continue Reading →

A VW bus is a lifestyle.

I’ve just realised the answer to my current state at the end of a fourth triple Jack Daniels. Or maybe more? Pasrpt (Ha, Ha...) caring. Passed caring. Whoah! Passed? Past caring. I can type. Yippee! The fifth will render me past focussing. The sixth and I'll be snoring. So get on with it. But why... Continue Reading →

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