My Girls.

My Girls? I have my boys too. Later I’ll write a blog. So when I write that future blog......all will be equal in love and family. The above photograph was taken a few years ago now. Not a great focus. But how on earth do you use a camera phone? But it captures perfectly the... Continue Reading →


I took this a while back. The blur was intentional because it could be anyone of many visitors. When visitors come to Wales, either family or friends, they love to walk at Ynyslas. We first arrived in Wales about 23 years ago and were constantly down on the beach for the first two years. After... Continue Reading →

Bohemian, beards, body art, booze and baccy.

Modern men, tattoos, beards and a beautiful air of inherent bohemian. I began to think of artistic sources again this morning. Tattoos came to mind and the extent of modern day body art. I began to think holistically and how younger guys are adopting the bearded bohemian look alongside old style denim/cord/tweed/linen fashion, extensive jewellery,... Continue Reading →

The Journey…..

You don’t need an engine to begin a journey. Remaining static and in the same place daily can provide a wealth of experiences. This gentleman has a bicycle, well two actually. The imagination starts to fly. The spade? Small excursions to a garden plot? Has he someone close who uses the other bicycle? He looks... Continue Reading →

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