Ruby Wedding Anniversary.

Ruby Wedding Anniversary today. 40 years married. 48 years together. My wife bought me a wonderful fountain pen for a gift. Not having much knowledge concerning fountain pens, her approach was to type into the internet ‘Ruby coloured vintage fountain pen’. Then….found this one for sale on Etsy. 

Here, alongside my pocket choices of the Kaweko Brass Sport and Montblanc to write with this Anniversary holiday week is the gift that is the Waterman Expert 2 ‘Dune’ pen. As yet I cannot test it out due to having no ink cartridge. One is inherent and attached..but empty. I will probably purchase both the Waterman specific cartridges and also the ink converter off the internet and do this as soon as possible. Itching to test it out. I have not owned a Waterman pen before, never written with one ever, so need to look up information, use it for a few days and follow up with how it performs after also looking into all the specifics. Then write a fuller content of everything found.

This is a quick blog as we are away for this week. Have just dropped in with this quick update. Thank you.

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