Nearly there.

Today 12th August 2018. Have been on my forum today and catching up historically. Hadn’t realised, but I bought my bus back in 2009. How time flies. Which means I traveled around in her daily for 5 years before I swallowed my disappointment and SORNED the old girl. I had a feeling, because the... Continue Reading →

Billie Bud:Fourth Stage.

  Hi again. Really pleased to be putting up this update. Photographs have arrived by email from Paul. Paul, if you’ve not read previous posts, is the guy renovating my bus. Very much a perfectionist it has been a pleasure to watch transformation. Taken a while this renovation. But it’s a classic and deserves respect.... Continue Reading →

Billie Third Stage.

And so......the last photos received were these. What has happened has been that Paul, the renovation wizard, has been changing workshops. He has a bigger, brighter palace to work in now. Better for the soul I should imagine. I actually haven’t seen some of these later stages in the flesh, so to speak. Just the... Continue Reading →

Billie again. Next stages.

The next stage........or Part 2. I began buying all the metalwork needed to replace the rotten stuff. When the belly pans were off it spooked. Belly pans cover the underneath and protect the framework from the stuff that comes off road and field and sand. It’s the sheets below with the ** shapes. also... Continue Reading →

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