Conversation with a dried flower……..

Conversation with a dried flower embedded in hand made paper.  Monday 17th January 2022 started the Aromatherapy course. Will spend two days a week in this new project. Interestingly, it states an aromatherapist brings ‘a unique approach to the practice’ of this wonderful art. I love that it considers the medium as ‘art’. Alongside, I shall bring my training... Continue Reading →

Aromatherapy Course is now finally to begin.

Essential oils. From next Monday, 17th January, the learning starts again. So. Will have to keep Staff Nurse status and register in March in order to keep ‘a peg to hang the hat on’ for ‘professional’ considerations in Complementary Therapy using the medium of Aromatherapy and it’s holistic values. The Staff Nurse training and also... Continue Reading →

Getting prepared for new uploads.

Since WordPress site updates? Both to premium and with input to improve the site from my son’s partner. Thank you Holly Goodger Jansen. Had a few visits from unexpected sources. Hashtag descriptors added are vital.Next up is getting confidence to record voice, possibly face (but doubt that one) and speak on vintage pens, aromatherapy, guitar... Continue Reading →


What do essential oils mean to Gray Summers? Aromatherapy is both Sister Sun. And the Tin Moon. And the ability to create limbic memories as opposed to episodic memories. It’s seeing Moonbeams as the Midnight Sun. It’s catching Shadows and Smoke. And holding each One. Oils Connect. Are........Connecting………..Aromatherapy is individualism. The Strength of Each One.... Continue Reading →

Synergy and Holism.

In short? After the year we have all had and all it’s problematics, it has seriously challenged my role as a Health Professional. Some of you may think ‘Oh! Here he goes again!’. But, I don’t believe I’m doing my full potential. I don’t feel I’ve made or making a difference nowadays. And...I live in... Continue Reading →

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