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Iconic Ownership: Fender Jazz Bass Guitar. A Never Forgotten Iconic Memory.

A Fender Jazz Bass Guitar.

I want to re-post this blog as an experiment. Next year, once a month I am going to move a chosen blog into current status. This project is in order to provide collective ideas and choose WordPress pages that keep specific subjects under one ‘roof’. To guide new visitors, and old friends, to specific subject matter. It will be a few days of initial organisational thinking. But it will happen……this cleaner format. First I need to focus for myself and organise my brain into how it develops.

A fair number of past blogs of meandering nature will probably be moved to draft. I have accessed this blog behind the scenes and changed the date to re-publish for today. An experiment in fact. The Iconic subject blogs will therefore be expanded upon and accessed through one page. Fountain pens. Music, the VeeDub Bus, Health and Well Being in Complementary Therapy, Gardening, etc. to have their own sections. The hoped for Podcasts have to be separate. That is vital. It will be a focused new project attempt. I’m useless at organising technical stuff. But a new format is much needed. 200 plus blogs are now , simply put, ‘a mess of confusion’. So something is going to change. To start? A few of my blogs begin with the words:

ICONIC OWNERSHIP…………followed by something I actually still have in my life. Ninth Gate Bag, Carhartt Dungarees, VeeDub Bus, Billingham Camera Bag, Pentax LX SLR film camera, etc. This is an easy one to highlight different items. This below was a blog from January 2022.

Beautiful Iconic items to cherish? The Jazz, as fondly called, has long gone. Having broken up with the band Team 23 I began thinking my future lay as a potter. Or to be posh. A ceramicist. I couldn’t throw a pot to save my soul. Built individual pieces. So….ceramicist is probably more apt. I’d been mucking around with clay for a few months and really enjoying the experience. Made them in the kitchen in our one bedroom Victorian high ceiling flat/apartment. The flat was above the Wholefood/Health shop my wife worked in at that time. So pottery was the ambient synergy of the smell of clay inter-mingled with coffee beans brewing and herbs and spices. That’s how memories are made.

Smells are surer than sounds or sights

To make your heart-strings crack

They start those awful voices o’ nights

That whisper, ’Old man, come back!’

Rudyard Kipling

Got my pieces initially kiln fired by asking a friend if he could find a corner to fire up my individually hand made mythical/mystical Celtic inspired figures in the kiln at Warwick University. He worked and taught there. The pieces had poetry/stories attached to their characterisation. Pieces including story telling travellers, guardians of nature, runic sorcerers with Wyrd knowledge and more.

It wasn’t long before I needed my own kiln. Like a fool, my only piece of ‘Iconic Ownership’ that was enough to sell to get one was ‘The Jazz’. And like a fool I sold her. Thing is. As a Buddhist in spirit (not true devotional practice), I don’t believe that possessions are always meant to be kept. I do ‘give’ freely. If someone truly wants or needs something……I give them it. My ‘Iconic Ownership: The Ninth Gate Bag’ blog explains that philosophy.

Yet, I admit to the reality that there are items in my possession that have so many inherent memories that they become best of friend. I could never say ‘Bye’. The Jazz was actually one of those. A best of friend. And yet I let her leave my life. I hope that best friend went on to find and create more memories with her next found ownership. Strangely, after selling the Jazz, I had a phone call from one of the Specials asking if I wanted to come and play for a new project….the Fun Boy Three. I had no bass guitar, was heavily into my new Ceramics adventure…..so said no. Life doesn’t take you. It’s where you take life.

Ownership provides adventures. And The Jazz provided adventures and unforgettable memories when music was a major part of life.

So! This blog shouldn’t be called ’ICONIC OWNERSHIP: THE FENDER JAZZ BASS GUITAR’.

But the Fender Jazz is Iconic and I once owned one. And that was so very, very special.

Singing and playing at the Rock Garden, Covent Garden. Photograph by John Coles.
Team 23

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The XCerts.