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Brandauer Dip Nib. Clan Glengarry. Meanderings.

Simple meanderings using the Brandauer dip nib with various inks. Have put a small Mitchell ink reservoir on the underside of the nib. The nib is a ’Fude’ nib. Upturn at the nib end. One immersion into each ink produces a nice elongated writing experience.

Smooth as smooth to write with. Initially found amongst many different nibs in a charity shop buy. This Brandauer: Clan Glengarry shone. It had no reservoir attached and was poor in elongated writing experience. Had to keep frequently dipping with a word or two achieved. After finding and adding a suitable ink reservoir it was a joy to work with. The photograph, if expanded manually, will show results using different inks.

A few sentences at least. Intentions are to find a suitable larger heavy weighted paper (GSM) journal. Hopefully with handmade paper. Also. To plan an appropriately and individually sized housing of each theme consideration in a grid format.

Title/Nib name/ink used/length of one dip ink writing ability/ease of writing/a consistent piece of prose or poetry with every different nib used/ink line skipping/consistency with lettering/little naive art drawing of a tree/etc. First use this heavy GSM ’lining wallpaper’ format of randomness with these quick thoughts meanderings. Why quick thoughts? Because they can lead to unlooked for/unknown considerations and better themes. I am new to all this ’analysis’ of what I need to consider for a reference guide for myself. What can be considered important for myself when choosing and using an old dip nib as writing for pleasure and fun. Or serious application.

Yay! Enjoyed mucking about with this one yesterday. An hour of pure and simple Mindful therapy. Need to clean the nibs though. Invasive India ink or Shellac staining after one hour session.

Last photograph includes a nib with above nib ink reservoir.