Billie Bud Renovation Process: Fourth Stage.



Hi again. Really pleased to be putting up this update. Photographs have arrived by email from Paul. Paul, if you’ve not read previous posts, is the guy renovating my bus. Very much a perfectionist it has been a pleasure to watch transformation. Taken a while this renovation. But it’s a classic and deserves respect. And the bus couldn’t be in kinder and thoughtful hands. But now…..realisation that it’s about, with these photographs, a ‘Whisker away’ (as I phrase often to others who ask where the bus is at). It is good to see it at it’s present state visually. It makes me feel that the bus will be with us soon. I don’t have to visualise mentally. Here it is. Actually. Am over the moon with the Dub’s progress. The photographs are uplifting. The fact that a vehicle built in 1972 can revisit the road and bring a smile to faces is a great feeling. Won’t be long before the kettle is boiling, we’re drinking tea or coffee outside Billie and people are coming up to the Dub and chatting and asking questions about the ‘Old Girl’.


4 thoughts on “Billie Bud Renovation Process: Fourth Stage.”

  1. I can understand your excitement. Already you can see he will be magnificent. The pic through the back window had me scratching my head till I looked at it ‘full size’ and realised the sink etc were outside the van 😃! Never seen a pop top from inside before. Lofty’s permanent Sheldon high top is less ‘iconic’ but we love it. Now the weather seems to be improving a bit I’m thinking of putting him back on the road for shorter trips; I’m hoping that what consultant tells me this Wednesday will allow me to plan a drive to Romania again but Lofty has become too much to handle for me for ?‘000km so if we go it will be in the Duster again with a tent.


    1. That would be a great spirit raiser if you can back to Romania. You made me laugh with the sink observation. Billie does have a sink though. Never used it before the renovation. It sat there with pipes all disconnected. Under a glass fold back cover. Next to a working couple of gas rings also under glass cover. We cooked. Just couldn’t wash up inside the bus. The fridge was never connected either. Basically sink and fridge were both places for a bit of food storage.

      Fingers crossed for good news from your consultant. The Duster and tent sound like a great combination alternative. Power steering and a roof, canvas as effective as fibreglass, still over your head. Perfect.

      Oh. Just to say. The pop top is a Devon. Got the whole pop top cheapish off eBay. Paul and his wife have given the whole pop top set up a damn good clean though. It was in a bit of a state. Fantastic renovation result now.

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    2. Been thinking for quite a few days about your trip possibilities abroad to Romania. Are you planning? Or will it be the Britain stay at home choice? Whatever your options….. Hope you are in good spirits.

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      1. I’m grateful for the interest. As you’re a nurse I guess you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say that when I saw my consultant after 2 months PSA had risen only to 8 from 7, adding steroids to enzalutamide had really slowed things down so excellent news. So staying on same medication which is so far still working. He called me back in late July when hopefully “nothing drastic will have happened”. So I’m planning on driving to Romania again in the Duster.


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