My Photography: The Shock of Latent Imagery

I’d like to revisit the SLR camera photography experience. Although not in earnest as once was. But still obsessed with Black and White film and vintage photograph grain ambience. The poetic and ethereal philosophy that is involved with film’s ‘Latent Imagery’. No longer have a darkroom set up, so will have to send results away. Re-blogging this old post from early 2018 to remind me that in all of us who choose our hobbies and interest in various subjects, as we move on through life, there is no sense in forgetting that they were once very enjoyable. Made us smile. Made us happy. So if they give us a tap on the shoulder? I’m all for a revisit. Mind you. I bet buying and then getting film developed is very expensive nowadays.

Gray Summers

The Shock of Latent Imagery Non-Imagined.

I use black and white film in a Pentax LX SLR camera with 3 core lenses. I have more but use the 50mm often, the 120mm for portraits of which I take very few and a 28mm sparingly because it tends to bring in too much information from the surrounding scenery. Every so often I am presented with a photograph I have taken which produces what I call ‘The Shock!’ The shock is what we have all experienced.

Older, as I am, I was brought up seeing film based photographs. My Dad was a keen photographer with an Olympus OM 2 that he always took photographs with/on. I remember putting a film through a Brownie bought from a charity shop when I was about 18. But that was my one ‘attempt as a photographer’ experience right up until I was about 48/9ish. When I…

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