To Kill a Mockingbird.

My box of inclusions for the ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ cigar box of Scout’s. A Christmas gift.

When making up the Santa Fe cigar box (photograph above) to emulate the items inherent that Scout had as a collective from gifts that Boo Radley left in the tree and other meaningful items? It took a very, very, very long time. The film has, from the opening, a similar cigar box as a visual introduction.

Months upon months upon months of Worldwide internet searching to find exact or similar inclusions for Scout’s collection was an aim. I made this commitment as it was to be a gift as a Christmas present. I had to make the boy/girl figures myself, (carved in wood by Boo Radley, in the book/film), out of self hardening clay and paint them in acrylic paints.

There were items that couldn’t be bought at that time because of the Christmas arriving time restrictions. Now? I would like to revisit. Maybe. Maybe not. Because a search for a vintage item can sometimes prove to be difficult. Or expensive. Off subject. Today I saw a Sailor fountain pen that I have longed for. It was in a charity shop in Worcester for £150.00. Sorry. Ignored. A Spelling Bee equivalent, which is in Scout’s cigar box, would also be as expensive I should imagine.

What was interesting though, when collecting for the Santa Fe box, was that on reading the book I realised that the extra additions could be found that were involved in the pages read. You therefore have options to introduce more inclusions that are linked to the story. For example…… Scout’s Mother’s Mother of pearl necklace and Sekatary Hawkins books and badges.

All these considerations could add to that collective as a gift when it involves an avid reader of the book. We all have books, films, movies that we are obsessed with and understand more. I did search and find them and put them into the cigar box. Even though they were not in Scout’s film collection, but definitely attached to Scout’s persona.

Difficult to find? It was the Spelling Bee medallion, the specific mirror and the mechanical pencil that were elusive! They will appear one day when least expected. Hopefully.

After all! What is a collection but a field full of unlooked for findings.

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