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Bangles and Blogs.

Is it rain that stops play? Or the reluctant mind? Because it is raining, it’s definitely nicer staying inside……..

Once? I was actually a Staff Nurse. I remember that I never thought, initially, I could actually achieve the professional status needed…….

An Oddz ‘n’ Sodz Box of once used daily items you think you may need to reintroduce again is completely different to a Shoebox of Memories Box that you may want to reintroduce again and reminisce . Are both comforting to open and look through………

Was Tyrannosaurus Rex, T.Rex or Marc Bolan [solo artist] the best phase of Bolan’s career? Which era would I take collectively to a desert island………….

Write both the full on oddity strange or the slightly bonkers nuance to the usual normal thoughts down. Blog subjects have to be started from a simple somewhere. A sentence or two starts chains of hopping about above your head thoughts. Too fleeting to keep firmly fixed inside your mind. Let them bounce around a bit like the Sherlock Holmes Mind Palace Technique. A map of sorts that somehow fits together if you find the bits that marry.

For example. Tying bangles with your teeth? 

My leather bangle popped, then lost it’s press stud and fell onto the floor. A hole existed where the receiver of said press stud used to be. I like this bangle. Tactile and stimulating in nature because it is generous in it’s giving. This due to it’s weaving design and splendour of odour. The weave is too simple to be mesmeric. Yet not so simple it would be easy to replicate. It also takes up essential oils well. Currently a blend of Cedarwood, Benzoin and Sandalwood. Thought of adding Cade or Oakmoss today but thought ‘Nope. That’s a step too far!’ Has the base odour of leather inherent obviously from simply being……well…..leather. In the past it has had Vanilla, Oud, Amber additions. My ‘nose’ is not sensitive enough to pick out any isolated distinctions as to whether they are still historically there.  Cannot bring to the Mind Palace the total of different oil inclusions used. Ambience and it’s full story has therefore been lost.

Odours? They’re just current ‘well being ‘ currency and have a limbic system happenstance synergy which is received with a grateful nod. I don’t want to add a rogue infiltrator. Or infil-traitor. A Patchouli, Roman or Moroccan Chamomile, Jasmine or Basil will simply be the cuckoo in the nest and kick out the other odour inherent’s in one foul swoop. If that was the case, I wouldn’t have mended the bangle with a leather thong tie up. Which you have to get close to the nares to grab and tighten up with your molars. The smell is so important when that close. Can make a good day into a great day. Or a great day into a bad one. 

Strange how blogs are little incidentals of quirky information at times. Ho Hum! 

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