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The Snoogle Flip Monster.

02.59, eyes now open and you lay there for 15 minutes awaiting return to Snoogle Land. Doesn’t arrive. So you tread softly down stairs and make a black tea. Stand waiting for the tea bag to ooze it’s antioxidants into the well chosen mug. It’s a thick and chunky design with a handle that is one where you know it withstands the pressure of frustration. Pale paper. A worry rope. A watch that mocks. The Sheaffer looks like it will produce a positive reactionary scenario. 

It’s been known to state it’s own intentional thoughts in previous sleepless past experiences. It has the ability to flow and express it’s owner’s inner turmoil from brain to pretend papyrus. 

‘Your Snoogle state of comfort in dreamland oblivion has been flipped’ Sheaffer states. ‘It’s becoming an out of control monster. Let’s write it out, ride it out and expel it from your sleep brain. If you can see it face to face……you can close the book cover, tether it up safely and let the ‘worry hawser’ whisper it’s own chosen spells from past Summers’ ‘worrisome thoughts into hemp exchanges’ and banish it to this soon to be dark room. Flip the light switch and back to bed’. 

And so the story ends. 

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