Strange World of Barnabus Quilch.


Anything scary? 

Anything sweet? 

Anything mind blowing consisting of a beastly or beautiful nature? 

Are dynamics upsetting or acceptable during the window of short time that is sleepless state of mind? 

Is there claustrophobia? 

Or Freedom? 

I go with sweet affinity, beauty beheld, welcome with open arms, freedom to express.

Pen, ink and paper provide the medium to attach thoughts and nonsense that exist during middle of night sleepless existence. The ability to provide a medium to work with to simply express the stupid thoughts themselves in a simple naïve visual imagery that can provide the reward of self given wry smiles. Whilst skribbling (with an intentional ‘k’) out nonsense the mind is in a calm state. Not that my mind is in a super fractious state….ever. Well. Recently not the case. It has mostly held on to rationality. So maybe the act of a nib put to paper makes it, rationally, even calmer. Who knows! Logic apparently.

Sleeplessness in my life is something that is a self perceived conundrum. Should it be though? The days can be as active as ever. The body still copes. So maybe the need to question is not ‘why?’ but should be to answer in the  ‘it actually doesn’t matter’ realm. If I was still working as a nurse and this nightly sleepless existence were to be preparation for a day of activities ahead? Ah well! That would be another story……

Talking of stories.

The Strange Tales of Barnabus Quilch and his passport to the land called Aphantasia………to be continued.

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