Dyfi Wholefoods.

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It has been a busy time over the last month. Lots to do to move shop premises. My wife’s shop is now in larger premises with much more opportunity for expansion. The new website is currently being built.  Infancy here below.

The positive reviews regarding the old shop will hopefully continue with this new set up. Lots more space to get around. And a far nicer ambience. Alongside all the wonderful choices of food are ‘Product’ considerations too. Non food I suppose is a way of explanation. Household cleaning, clothing, aromatics, complementary therapy, etc.

Below are past reviews from the internet.



It was a nice month of September being heavily involved in the transition. Painting, flooring, shelf assembly, etc. For myself now? Back to retirement, blogging, gardening, DIY and some intense re-focus involved with all things regarding the blog site project ‘Retired Nurse in a VeeDub Bus’. Otherwise known as a Volkswagen Type 2 Bay Bus built in the year 1972. Or, more simply, a hippy camper van. After the hubbub of social inclusion and community conversational intensity ……. be nice to get somewhere quiet again.

Please tap on individual photographs to enlarge.

Above and below are mixed photographs of the old shop and new shop. Bags on stand photographs by Eleanor’s Attic who make the bags. More of the new shop will follow once taken.

2 thoughts on “Dyfi Wholefoods.”

  1. It’s been a pleasure to have you around over the last week/s Gray. We’ve had so many compliments about how the shop looks and feels, and I know you’re heavily responsible for both… even though the public don’t immediately know it.
    I can feel the adrenaline of the move ebbing away now, and I look forward to having a reflective chat with you out in the Real World one day soon (without paintbrushes in our hands), perhaps even beside your fancy green van…?
    Jon (Dyfi Wholefoods)

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  2. The community have all responded well. A huge buzz about the new ambience. And all the extra room is so comfortable for everyone too. I was saying to Angie that people’s’ faces seem really relaxed and comfortable in the shop’s environment. So great result from the off. Great team effort all round getting it all together. Very hard work and brilliant to get it done in such a short time. Thanks for making me feel welcome. VeeDub conversation and reflection sounds ideal. All the best.


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