Dyfi Wholefoods. New Shop Venture.

Dyfi Whole Foods is now up and running in the new premises. The old shop down the street is now closed. It proved, from the start in March 2013, to be an amazing adventure of how community follows and supports a team that has ethical values. A Whole Food choice experience had always been a Machynlleth essential inherent when the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) had the ‘Quarry’ whole food shop and café. Closing both the cafe and food shop down in 2013, literally overnight, a huge loss was felt. CAT had opened the business in the 1970s. The first day of opening the new Dyfi Wholefoods venture back in March 2013 brought dozens upon dozens of well wishes cards and a support of hundreds of customers. My wife and two business partners found new premises and built on the same ethical past eco principles. The Three business partners, my wife, Ade and Jon, literally set up the now wonderful Dyfi Whole Food experience with hard work in a matter of a few months. Now, after Ade (Adrienne) left to move to North of England, there are the two business partners. My wife and Jon.

The Covid years? They kept open. Serving customers on the doorstep, taking orders by phone, emails and texts and delivering to houses. All done with a strict health and safety guideline. Staff levels on a daily basis were increased due to the extra workload that restrictions intensely brought to the dilemmas and challenges of those long months, to a year plus. Also, an understandable inherent fear existed with the staff. Akin to how the World was feeling all around. It was tackled with logic and determined safe planning. An ongoing principle of serving the community needs continued.


Ongoing in the new premises? There is the ability to provide more choice due to more space. Smiles on faces when entering the Dyfi Whole Food shopping experience have always been there. This time? A brighter ambience has brought those familiar smiles to customers faces again, but with an added obvious excitement when entering and witnessing the ambience and many expressions of ‘Wow!’ .

Link to very new, and in it’s infancy, online site below. Powered by WordPress.


That’s an amazing feeling. Tap on individual images below to enlarge.

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