The 1930’s Musette mle35 ‘Man Bag’.

The ‘Iconic Ownership: The Ninth Gate Bag’ blog, written an age ago now, has been one that still gets visits very often. At least half a dozen times a week. When the film, The Ninth Gate, is shown on television? Even more visits occur from particular countries. In the writing of that blog, apart from philosophical thoughts, is the inclusion of a list of inherent items at that time. Essentially, what was carried in it on the day the blog was written. Over the days, weeks, months, years the inclusions change in various small fashions depending only on daily needs. Bits and bobs have been taken out today and photographed. Some have been in there for years now.

Current items below. Please tap on images to enlarge.

There has been a long period of fountain pen journal and nonsense writing since retirement. When at work the bag was aligned to daily needs for, not actually the nurse work role, but general comfort values. Sweets, lunchbox, reading books, stationery, etc. Nowadays it still holds these at times. But more within are included a gentle range of thoughtful items promoting therapeutic values. I have noticed more choice of fountain pen inclusions and a few small additional journals. They now seem very important. The bag, when I am out and about, is never far from my side. My pockets on jacket, trousers, waistcoat being worn are not the place to carry around a bunch of stuff. Too bulky. I feel the need to get at a pen, ink, journal, reading book, compass (to assess skills), wallet, handkerchief, etc., quickly.

To sit at a table outside a cafe with espresso or Americano and a slice of cake? Dipping into the contents and choosing a focus to create small activity provides a simple response of ‘this is actually well being’. Both reading and writing are treasure windows in time simply for relaxing oneself. A calmness exists. It’s attribution. My personal nature, my human characteristics, my emotions personified and represented with use of these inanimate forms. They settle the inner turmoil by simply being there. Enter a world of wonderful isolation. Maybe call it ‘Me Time’. The paper and books stop the nonsense brain chatter. Simply sitting, twiddling the spoon that stirred the sugar and watching the World go by creates little islands of varying chaos of raised unlooked for thoughts. As said….brain chatter. A decent chapter read from the current novel, looking at a ‘bought that day’ magazine, perusing and listening to the MP 3 song list, trying out the new vintage pen just bought and writing down any old thing that comes to mind are amazing exercises. The bag provides that choice. Pockets? Less so.

Photographs below from old blog. Please tap to enlarge.

Men carrying a ‘Man bag’? Not sure if it is a trend anymore. However, Google says ‘yes it is’. Bro bag or Jack pack seem to be some current names. If carried? It’s a bit of a pinpoint storyline on how life is for a guy at any given moment in time. A small insight exists within to any particular gentleman’s type of character, life story led and ongoing deeper analysis that would have Sherlock Holmes rubbing his hands together with glee. He could read me like a book at the same time I book read his endeavours within the Baker Street detective’s stories inside the bag!

Below is the link to the first blog.

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