The Waterman’s meet Charles Dickens.

What is nice this time of year is to marry the books read with writing out small meaningful  passages or sentences from them too. Today I started writing in earnest with the two new Waterman pens. The Expert 1 and 2. Not quite by ambient winters candlelight yet. Even though the evenings have really drawn in and it is dark outside. It was around supper time and the evening was in it’s early stage. Nicer to have some music gently playing, a coffee of aromatic choice and the hush of midnight only a couple of hours away. Candlelight is very apt in those given moments of hush-hush amidst the lilting melody choices. It is intertwining perfection.

Beginning to test the performance of these two pens and it is important to make the first throws of using them successful by focusing intently and making the experience a positive one. I bought two piston ink converters the other day which arrived this morning. The black body with gold bands Expert 1 fountain pen arrived this morning too. Within it, it surprisingly housed an original Waterman’s ink converter that the seller said would be missing. A gentle wash out of the nib was needed and has given the pen a fine start. Albeit a bit H2O watery. Waterman’s Intense Black ink is in the converter now and it’s dark ink follow through is champing at the bit. The wash out was producing a pale grey wetness writing wise as it slowly disperses from and vacates the nib. Now the black ink has won the day. Rather wet delivery currently. Not as discreet as the #2.

See below photograph for the Waterman Expert #1 pen’s performance.

Please tap on individual images below of the Waterman Expert #2 pen’s performance to enlarge.

So this is a filler blog upload with no finality, as yet, to really understand and then explain the positives to both pens. If there are negatives they are hiding it from me quite nicely and in an admirable fashion. Examples of writing here above and below in the photographs are from both the Expert 2 Ruby Red pen and the Expert 1 Black and Gold pen. Lovely experiences all round already.

The Christmas Carol books? I read it every year at around the start of December. I have about 18 to 20 different printers’ copies. I do collect them casually. Not in earnest though. Could never afford a first edition at £30,000 upwards! Or the other early vintage copies fetching hundreds of pounds now. So make do with other choices as they present themselves in second hand bookshops or charity shops. These three are the latest found copies, so are the reading choices currently. The smaller books fit into the coat pocket nicely. The larger has wonderful illustrations by Arthur Rackham. But is difficult to carry to read when out and about the local town. Sit and have a coffee and a mince pie along with a chapter to read in order to create Christmas vibes. The surrounding chatter of cafe customers fading into the background as the intensity of Dicken’s storytelling envelops the mind.

Also. The 12 stories and 12 feasts for 12 days in Christmas Days are a fine ‘dip into’ too and are beautifully crafted gems by Jeanette Winterson.

So. Wintery Christmas season time has truly begun. Time to tread softly from now on. Like a tiger padding through a carpet of snow towards the inherent safety of it’s homely den.

2 thoughts on “The Waterman’s meet Charles Dickens.”

    1. Letters from Father Christmas is amazing reading. Loved Tolkein since a teenager. I have been using both the Experts today on different papers. The #2 has a cartridge and once run out will House the converter. The #1 has straight away been converter use. Paper? I’m going to look at buying some Rhodia, Midori and some more Monograph too. Currently, I have an old supply of India hand made papers in light cream and light sage green colours with petals and torn newspaper bits in the mix. They both produced an amazing writing experience on these. I’ve said it before in a couple of blogs that certain combinations produce a joy in actually putting the pen to the paper. They give a diff end flow style somehow that really lifts your spirit. Weird….but true! Cheers Danny.

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