Tree ink.

Tree Ink. Also a Trudi Finch piece of art. Photo by Gray Summers.

Well. These are nice. My wife ordered me these tree inks. I will have to think of something very different to use these in an interesting way. My drawing as an art form is rubbish. Maybe a piece of script with some token imagery alongside. Dip nib or one of the fude artist nibs.

Photographed here on a piece of Trudi Finch art. My wife fell in love with this particular one. Seen at the Christmas Craft Fayre at the Aberystwyth Art’s Centre about 20 years ago. So Santa Claus was very kind, wrapped it up nicely and put it under the tree.

The tree inks? Fantastic little item. Really well presented.Kelly Cracknell (Mooncraft) is also an artist. Love the fact that the inks are natural and handmade.

Below. From the site where Mooncraft art, etc. sells.

‘This unique tree ink set contains four 5ml inks all in a travel tin for your convenience. The inks are handmade from sustainable locally sourced natural materials. The inks are made from walnut husk, buckthorn berry, redwood bark and oak gall’.



6 thoughts on “Tree ink.”

    1. I had an ‘inkling’ 😊 but no true knowledge whatsoever. I knew coffee was a candidate. I have ‘dipped’ into the subject since getting these and there are plants, etc. that can be used. Suppose it’s a bit like using vegetables and other natural findings to dye clothing or materials. You put salt in to fix colour in clothing I believe. Ink does have binders. Not sure what. Still looking at stuff. I’d never put it into a fountain pen though. Sorry. This is just typing aloud! Cheers Richard.

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  1. Beautiful illustration – reminds me a bit of Rackham’s fantastic works. Some fine inks you have there too, Gray. Not used natural inks for a very long time now. Hope you enjoy them x

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    1. I’ve never used natural at all. So have to decide what to do lettering wise. Will try drawing a little too. Rackham’s work is amazing. I have a few books with his illustrations in them. Trudi Finch was local I think. Long time ago though this one. Oh! May need to switch to another App today. The WordPress is going to be sparse apparently. So fingers crossed it works out. Also……Waiting for the carpet fitter today. Last night was a whirlwind of painting. Like the speed of Edward Scissorhands creating ice sculpture , hair creations and topiary! All the best. Xx

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