Learning? To retain the information. Use Fountain pens, Dip Nibs and Art pens.

Meanderings Matter to the Recently Retired. You tend to talk to yourself a lot more than you used to. Because the day goes by with only the local little Robin bird as my ever so friendly friend. 
So. Meandering! 
Learning and retaining the knowledge read or listened to? I always write it down to cement and link to the memory banks. Visual self penned imagery isn’t the aim. It’s memories in repeating letters/words and the swirls of ink produced. Esters or ethers in aromatherapy. 
In life too. To be focused and motivated? Best to write intentions down. If I didn’t, then I would simply sit down all day and either read or watch endless DVDs or Telly. And that would mean………endless biscuits and tea which equals increased weight. 
And in order to get into an appropriate groove? Use, alongside more recently aged pens, lovely antique or vintage fountain pens, vintage dip nibs from decades upon decades ago, mechanical pencils, unique inks and stationery to allow nurture and cherish tactile memories to remember and touch far, far away down the future years. 
I am not a full on cult pen and stationery snob.Definitely not an expert. A stubby little pencil in the garden to write down the area size, or heights of posts need. And written on an old piece of ripped cardboard. Yup! Every time. As long as said pencil stubby is a held in a vintage Johann Faber brass housing, sharpened by the very lovely Kum Masterpiece and the cardboard is from an ethical box from my wife’s shop. 
But thoughts, dreams and hoped for ambitions? Deserves a different application. 
Fountain pens, old nibs for dipping into India/China inks and various paper stationeryreceiving of said inks. 
Intention is to start on at least talking about 2 pens or dip nibs a week. However. Just a quick visual.  Photographs here?  
Mont Blanc, Swan Mabie Todd, two Faber Castell Ambition and also Essentio. Diary is a wonderful Italian 18 month format Legami Milano made in Italy. The latter two pens bought for £3 in a charity shop for the two. Looking them up? Bit of a bargain. I took a chance, as I had never used Faber Castell before. They are now in the top ten of my ‘go to’s’. Beautiful pens to write with.And these fountain pens, although vintage (1930s Marie Todd and decades in age others), are absolutely priceless.

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