Billie Bud Renovation Process: Fourth Stage.



Hi again. Really pleased to be putting up this update. Photographs have arrived by email from Paul. Paul, if you’ve not read previous posts, is the guy renovating my bus. Very much a perfectionist it has been a pleasure to watch transformation. Taken a while this renovation. But it’s a classic and deserves respect. And the bus couldn’t be in kinder and thoughtful hands. But now…..realisation that it’s about, with these photographs, a ‘Whisker away’ (as I phrase often to others who ask where the bus is at). It is good to see it at it’s present state visually. It makes me feel that the bus will be with us soon. I don’t have to visualise mentally. Here it is. Actually. Am over the moon with the Dub’s progress. The photographs are uplifting. The fact that a vehicle built in 1972 can revisit the road and bring a smile to faces is a great feeling. Won’t be long before the kettle is boiling, we’re drinking tea or coffee outside Billie and people are coming up to the Dub and chatting and asking questions about the ‘Old Girl’.