A blogger’s life? Or Dance in the Rain?

Looking at the window? It’s false reality. Look outside the window. Go dance in the rain. Photograph by Gray Summers.

In life?

There’s a million

Rain cloud

Storms a-brewing

With their shotguns

Pointing right between the eyes.

You never seem to understand

As the bullets

Touch-batter the windows.

Knock, knock, knocking

At a life too safe

And planned.

Should you stay here

Safe in the arms of

Reading books

And written words.

Simply existing

In happy land.





So leave the room.

Bite the bullets.

Step out and

Be glad that you and rain exist


When it’s wing tips brush kiss

Your cheeks

You’re left feeling

Golden, exhilarated

And at peace

No longer haunted

Or aching with memories.



It’s teardrops.

Which are falling

Like Ghosts

That keep calling



To future experience.

They’re friends

That surround you

As you twist this way

And that way.

Pitter Putter Patter

They dance euphorically

Around you

And on you

They seep into you.

They allow you

To mend.

6 thoughts on “A blogger’s life? Or Dance in the Rain?”

    1. Thank you. It’s a bit part from a lyric I wrote when a teen. ‘There’s a million with shotguns. Pointing right between my eyes. They try to tell me that I’m oh so cold. But they don’t realise’. Migraine is an interesting one. Usually it was the College’s flickering fluorescent tube lights (full blown migraine) or the Radiotherapy Department (shimmering lights migraine) in hospital that got me.


      1. Oh thatdoesnt sound good. Changes in atmospheric pressure are my main trigger – and feeling it today. That said, a good downpour usually releases the pressure and the headache lifts, until the next downpour while the headache builds again. Delightful things, migraines


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