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And so the story goes, to where? No one knows. But it involves a Volkswagen T2 Crossover Bay Bus called Billie Bud (known to most people as ‘WOW, a camper van’); a Pentax LX SLR camera loaded with black and white film; cooking vegetarian food on a basic set up of Cobb cooker, a couple of gas rings and an open fire; reading books; listening to music and the ruminations from a Staff Nurse. to fill the hours outside of your nurse job somehow.

Aromatherapy Course is now finally to begin.

Essential oils. From next Monday, 17th January, the learning starts again. So. Will have to keep Staff Nurse status and register in March in order to keep ‘a peg to hang the hat on’ for ‘professional’ considerations in Complementary Therapy using the medium of Aromatherapy and it’s holistic values.

The Staff Nurse training and also Master’s level in Chronic Conditions/Illnesses Management course in Swansea University are now to be considered a simple Godsend. Also time spent for all those years with patients. A greater understanding now learnt regarding health considerations. Yet also, exciting times ahead regarding new directions and considerations for therapeutic healing.

So. This weekend? Good to surround yourself with uplifting aroma. Or calming in preparation for learning aroma. Or whatever aroma is needed for holistic vibe. Or to apply to emotional well being.

Singular choice or a synergy blend of considerations.

Choice? Possibly Black pepper/Lemon/Cedarwood……lovely!

So. As said…..After this weekend it is the intention to start the Aromatherapy course for two days a week studying.

Recording this course? Intentions are to both type and write information. That way it will be good to carry on and practice fountain pen, ink and paper combinations. Useful for having a couple of new journals too”

Back to learning! Lovely stuff…..Yay! 😊Xx

Revisiting the two small investigation books.
Course content.