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Planning a Project with Aphantasia. Imagination or familiarity?

One of the two beautiful handmade paper bags from India.

It is good to reflect upon times that mattered to each of us. Times where revisiting those positive experiences, in similar manner, can give further assistance to well being. Maybe that is why people go to the same holiday resort and hotel every year. Familiarity breeding contentment. Myself? Aphantasia dictates that reality and familiarity are paramount for planning. Imagination evolves as reality presents itself. Reality takes me where I want to go.

The VeeDub, despite it’s ups and downs, which are a problematic forever attached to old temperamental classic vehicles, was a joy when behaving. It became that haven of familiarity breeding contentment.

The VeeDub will be essential in future activities. It’s ambience presently is very comforting. Years upon years in the past of small expeditions to the Ynyslas Dunes with a camera loaded with black and white film became past Nirvana. The experiences of those times are simply the base for future impetus. It worked out wonderfully then. It should work out equally the same now.  Back then. After a jaunt around the grasses and sands choosing imagery for photographs was relaxation in the extreme. After the photography jaunt there came a period of simply sitting by the Bus. Having initially loading up the Dub and taking every bit of camera gear that I owned? It eventually became the SLR camera, a couple of lenses, a few rolls of film and a small, lightweight in the pocket, expandable tripod. It was all that each photography jaunt needed in reality. Rivers, lakes, local beauty spots were in this scenario too.

A jaunt twice or three times a week involved a pattern that rebalanced life. Melted away the stresses of work. Activity in photographic hobby followed by settled reflection. Meditation often involved too. Always a bit of Buddhist music or New Age Musical ambience too. Sometimes a short doze for replenishing the spirit and alleviating tiredness from a week of activity on the hospital ward. Sleep, as siesta , was due to a combination of fresh air and a sudden rush of contentment. Always a coffee and some quick snack in this agenda too. I like the word ‘too’. I like the word ‘two’ too. Together? Too-dly Two, how do you doodly do? Like one of those quaint old fashioned expressions when you meet someone. Very Beachcomber By the Way from those old BBC radio World of Beachcomber programmes. I digress as usual. Back to reality.

Today, was again setting up this familiarity of loading ideas into the VeeDub. But it told it’s own future different story. Yes. The camera is still very much a part of current thinking. But not the focus (excuse the pun) anymore. Today was a day of putting in the solar equipment ready to use. Future blog? ‘Solar in a Shoe Shiner Box’. And many journals into two handmade paper bags from India. Those bags are from a decade plus ago and are made from old newspapers and has that lovely tree, bird and flower motif sewn into them. They are now full of journals for considerations. A need to think through plans of how to get one to one conversations recorded, myself recorded and chatting about fountain pens, inks, paper choice and journal importance for well being. Then getting the new interests up and running.  A lovely cloth covered Indian notebook, an old black and white rustic imagery covered notebook with little pockets every ten pages or so for housing postcards, dried flowers, business cards, etc. and the familiar, hardly finished, tree of life ‘anything goes into it’ journal are examples of choice.

It is very difficult to achieve minimalism as yet. Quite a few journals, hundreds of dip nibs, tens of fountain pens in the little leather suitcase up front. With a box chock full of inks and printing blocks/ink pads are in this equation too. Sitting in the back of the Dub. I’m surprised I didn’t throw in the old typewriter. Intentions over the week? Initially to check out iPad and microphone recording qualities over the days that provide sunshine. The thing is. Touching for real and setting up is the way plans evolve for myself. It is difficult to individually visualise, work out and choose items for each individual scenario. Because until you get out there and start to see and realise reality, which involves putting equipment and supporting items into place, nothing will picture in my mind.

Aphantasia, as a condition, doesn’t allow me imagination. Cannot close my eyes and bring pictures into my mind. Just blackness exists. By writing down or microphone/video recording ideas? The pen/ink/paper and iPad recordings are combinations which are visually important and provide the future familiar. The journals and voice recordings for this project/subject choice will cement information for future reference. 

Basically, try it out and then see it become realistic as experiences unfold and then, fingers crossed, improve. Decide, after a few try outs, what can be left behind at home. What can be left in the VeeDub and which items become ‘every time’ essential and always ready at hand. 

Without the ability to close eyes and imagine the scene of intentions in place for putting together a project. Then simply put…..reality is required. So these few photographs, after a day of preparing for experimentation, are vital for visual prompts. 

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