Dyfi Wholefoods. New Photographs.

Photographs above and below of my wife’s new shop premises. Please tap on individual photographs to enlarge below.

It’s been six weeks now after closing the old shop premises and moving to the larger one here. My wife, her business partner Jon and all the six staff have been enjoying the change enormously. The customer feedback has been really positive too with very many new faces visiting for the first time.

The photographs below taken by one of the staff members.

Link to Website.

4 thoughts on “Dyfi Wholefoods. New Photographs.”

    1. Ha Ha. Well spotted Danny. That’s Angie, Ade and Lynda. Ade was once the third partner before she opened up her own vegan shop in Yorkshire, North UK. Lynda once owned a vegetarian cafe in Machynlleth. Retired but decided to come to work for Angie. Great to have her knowledge on board. The VeeDub was once cream from halfway up but prefer the now all over Racing Green that has been the case for a good seven years now. The Dub? VeeDubs love a photo opportunity. Thanks for the congrats reply. Much appreciated. All the best.

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