Tea and Coffee. Simplicity or Intricacy?

Been decluttering recently and found the Barista Coffee book my brother gave me. Also. Today the Gaggia produced a reasonable espresso. It’s best waiting half an hour with it turned on before making the first shot. That way it is nice and hot. I looked at the Barista book and the brain light went on! This blog. I remember including the book in a past upload. I just reread it and thought ‘going to reblog this’. Why? Because tonight I’m drinking a herb tea promoting ease for sleep and await to see sleep’s dream outcomes. Do herb teas contribute to striking dream visions of vivid nature? The dreams have been pretty vicious from time to time over the last year. It could be something in the tea or the beer bug virus is playing neural pathway games again. To be honest it could even be what Scrooge blames when seeing Marley the ghost. ‘…….a blot of mustard, a crumb of cheese, a fragment of underdone potato‘. Who knows? But after re-reading the blog it is an interesting conundrum.

Gray Summers

As Paul McCartney sang:

‘Three o’clock in the morning,

I’m getting ready for bed……..’

Sleep patterns. Tea or coffee at night? Or nothing? Strangely coffee doesn’t sleep affect myself. But the herbal sleep varieties tea sometimes do. Hot chocolate, Horlicks, Barley cup, Ovaltine? Sometimes. Mind you. I now have that Ovaltine earworm song in my brain which will stay there for a few hours.

Tea or coffee? Simplicity in tea bags or instant coffee? Intricacy in leaves or beans?


Angie gets many different ones to try out and also brings home regular favourites. This new/familiar/known choice balances the taste senses. Experimentation on newly found coffee/tea choices can turn into massive ‘faves for the future’. However. Too much confusion can overwhelm the enjoyment factors of beverage ceremony.

New coffees are in the photograph. Three all in all. Mind you! Why would you call coffee ‘Slumber Jack’ though? The beans in…

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2 thoughts on “Tea and Coffee. Simplicity or Intricacy?”

    1. Coffee has always been my number one choice too. I had a really bad low blood pressure (BP) syncope/vasovagal event when younger. Felt faint, rushing ear noise, weakness, sweats. It was during a visit to my wife’s best friend’s parents. It happened after drinking really strong tea. I never drank tea. Always coffee as a young teenager. I blamed it as the cause and never drank it for decades. But of course, with its caffeine presence, it would in high likelihood not have been the cause. Probably would provide the opposite and raise BP. Tea though is so diverse in choice it can offer many delightful flavours. Lapsing Souchong is a beautiful tea. Earthy, smoky, rich. Coffee has many differences too but always delivers that ‘coffee taste’ if you know what I mean. Those flavoured coffees are fun, but sickly if drunk often. Sleep last night after the English Tea Shop (organic) Seasonal Siesta brought dreams, but not of nightmarish kind. I know the ingredients so will look into individual plant properties later. This has started an interest in a naive sleep/tea study. Rather like your own wonderful film and developer observations. But yours aren’t naive. There are too many other factors to apply in working out influences in sleeplessness. Your own observations are ‘gold standard’ and measured precisely. You record and inform really, really well. All the best to you.

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