Iconic ownership. Billingham camera bag. Pentax LX SLR Film camera.

I was under the stairs yesterday, thinking of donning the new wellies for working in the garden. But decided to leave them there as we, my wife and I, were still putting together the raised bed made of galvanised metal. It is a 400x80x81 cm (LxWxH) one and required struggling to line up dozens and dozens of holes for nuts and bolts assembly. Took all day! What has this to do with cameras you say. The Billingham camera bag was next to the wellies. The sun was shining. The choice was there for the taking. I chose neither wellies or bag.. But we did finish the raised bed assembly. Next time I look at the wellies need……….it will be tempting to grab the bag! Been a long time in not using the cameras. Shame that.

Gray Summers

The Billingham 550 camera bag is sturdy and reliable. It also has an amazing design. Mind you. This is a large bag and houses 3 SLR Pentax cameras and the Pentax 645 medium format camera too. Also inherent? The filters, light meters, film, sandwiches, flask, etc. This ends up being impractical re: weight. So it doesn’t get taken out into the ‘field’ often and so retains it’s newness. Trouble is, I want it to look travel worn and beaten up by the weather. A few scuffs and battle weariness about it’s character.

So alternatively I have an old sturdy but beaten up canvas military bag, much smaller, which is ideal for off the cuff photography times. Rock up in the VeeDub somewhere. Grab a camera, two lenses, a couple of films…….. shove them in the military bag and get out there. Always grab the LX camera with the 50mm lens…

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